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Little Bird
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Previous Releases

Welcome to the complete discography of Katya’s music. You can download tracks in MP3 format from both of Katya’s previous CDs (just click on the song title links).

All titles were self-produced by Katya Chorover on Cat and the Moon Music.


Off The Map - click to orderOff the Map

Katya’s 2001 release; CD only

  1. Unspoken
  2. Off the Map
  3. Radio Song
  4. Long Way
  5. War of the Day
  6. Sowing the Seeds
  7. No Place to Fall (Townes Van Zandt)
  8. Over the Mountains
  9. Thicket
  10. Blue Moonlight
  11. Someday We’ll Meet

The Players
Paul Benoit: electric/slide/acoustic lead guitar
Cary Black: basses
Zak Borden: mandolin, backing vocals
Joe Trump: drums and percussion
Tim Miller: percussion
Dave Heath: drums
Hanz Araki: flutes
David Lange: accordion
Jessica Lurie: saxophones
Don Pawlak: pedal steel guitar

“…shines with passionate performances, excellent musicianship and thoughtful, evocative writing. The sound is lush, green and soulful…weaving together strands of contemporary acoustic pop, country, blues and gospel… a top-notch singer… at the top of her game here… All of the arrangements are perfectly attuned to each song, with wonderful contributions from the back up musicians… A gently stirring album that fulfills Chorover’s growing reputation…highly recommended”
- Victory Review

Recorded by David Lange at David Lange Studios, Edgewood, WA
Mastered by Ross Nyberg at Studio X, Seattle, WA


The Clearing - click to orderThe Clearing
Released in 1998; CD only

  1. Winter
  2. The Clearing
  3. Pathway Home
  4. As Above Me
  5. Company Towns
  6. Wanderground
  7. Faces in Stone
  8. Blessing Bowl
  9. Stranger
  10. Glance
  11. Everything Beckons To Us

“What a beautiful album! Folk troubadour Jim Page has called Katya “one of the best singers I’ve ever heard!” and one listen to The Clearing will help explain why. She’s also a great songwriter and a fine guitarist. After multiple listenings… I have not yet tired of this album; it becomes richer each time… Contributing to the emotional impact of her singing are well-crafted lyrics, haunting tunes, and wonderful instrumental work by…some of Seattle’s best musicians.”
- Talking Leaves

The Players
Katya: acoustic guitar, vocals
Paul Benoit: electric/slide/acoustic lead guitar
Cary Black: basses
Zak Borden: mandolin
Will Dowd: percussion
Michael Gray: fiddle
Mark Ivester: drums

Recorded by David Lange at David Lange Studios, Edgewood, WA
Mastered by Ross Nyberg, Discmasters, Issaquah, WA


How This FeelsHow This Feels
1993, available on cassette only

Recorded with minimal production, primarily Katya’s voice and guitar, with other musicians backing her on about half of the songs.

  1. Inauguration Day
  2. Market Song
  3. Company Towns
  4. Long Way
  5. How We Pray
  6. How this Feels
  7. Over the Mountains
  8. Loon’s Song
  9. Wanderground
  10. All the Way Out There

The Players
Zak Borden: mandolin
Bob Conger: percussion
Marc Gavin: fiddle
Casey Neill: Electric Guitar

Recorded by Bob Conger at Eel Studios in Lynnwood, WA

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